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Tropical Oasis Ionized Trace Minerals Review
Tropical Oasis Trace Minerals Review

Tropical Oasis Ionized Trace Minerals Review

# of Minerals Natural
Plant Source
Colloidal Covalent Pure,
No Preservatives No Sugar Added Stars
70 Check Check Check No No No 3 Star Review

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In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function.
- Dr. Charles Northern [A]
Researcher and MD

Tropical Oasis Trace Minerals Review Details

Tropical Oasis Trace Minerals contains 70 minerals, comes from a natural plant source, and contains easily utilized covalent minerals. That's the good stuff.

However, Tropical Oasis Trace Minerals has been sweetened to mask the taste of the minerals. It's your preference if you like this. But remember that you could simply add the minerals to your OJ and save the hassle of the bigger the bottle. Plus, this product contains preservatives.

Overall, this Tropical Oasis Trace Minerals review receives 3 out of 5 stars.

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