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BioNativus Trace Mineral Drop Complex Review
BioNativus Trace Minerals Review

BioNativus Trace Mineral Drop Complex Review

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72 No No No Check Check Check 2.5 Star Review

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In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function.
- Dr. Charles Northern [A]
Researcher and MD

BioNativus Trace Mineral Drop Complex Review Details

Let's start with the good things about Bio Nativus Trace Mineral Drops... They contain 72 minerals, which is good, since the cells in the body need about 70 - 80 minerals to function properly. Thus, 72 minerals is a good supplemental boost to give these cells so they can function properly.

Second, BioNativus Drops are pure minerals, which is a big bonus over many other trace mineral brands. These other trace mineral supplements will sometimes add sugar to improve the taste, but why would you want to add unneeded calories to something that is supposed to be healthy. Yes, trace mineral drops can have a 'unique' taste, but simply by mixing them in juice, you can easily cover up that taste.

Third, other companies might also add preservatives or chemically alter the minerals that are contained in their supplements. But from our understanding, Bio Nativus Minerals are pure minerals, with no preservatives added. And it looks like they only remove the salt from the mineral source, leaving the other minerals intact.

Now, let's discuss the downside of these BioNativus mineral drops... the minerals come from sea water, which isn't ideal. Basically, how these sea water based-minerals work is like this: Water rains onto rocks and the minerals in those rocks is dissolved into the water, which then get carried through streams and rivers and eventually to seas and oceans. Then, companies like BioNativus take this sea water and evaporate the water and what's left is a lot of salt and the numerous minerals that have been dissolved from rocks.

This would be good, if not for one tiny problem. Humans aren't known for walking down the road and picking up a rock and eating it. Instead, humans are used to getting their minerals from the plants and animals that they eat. And here is the thing about minerals in plants: they are in a slighlty different form than the minerals in rocks. When the roots of a plant absorb the mineral, the plant slightly changes the form of the mineral from what's known as an inorganic mineral to an organic mineral. Organic minerals can then be used by the plant (and also humans) because they are in the proper formation.

Since these minerals from BioNativus haven't been processed by plants, they might not be as easy for the body to absorb and utilize. This is why plant-based minerals are recommended.

Overall, this BioNativus Trace Mineral Drop Complex review receives 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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