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What is a Colloidal Trace Mineral?

Colloidal means the mineral particles are:
1) quite small in size
2) evenly dispersed and suspended in water.

This means you don't have to shake colloidal trace minerals. They remain evenly dispersed, like magic! Don't ask us how... it's a chemistry thing.

Because of the minute size, these colloidal minerals result "in increased solubility, bioavailability, absorption, and usefulness to the body." [1]

Plant-derived trace minerals are naturally in a colloidal state. Some salt-based trace minerals are also colloidal. However, the plant-based minerals have been reported to have "superior bioavailability" [1] compared to ionic salt-based minerals.

The reason? "Plants take minerals from the earth by their roots in ionic and colloidal form"[1] and change the form of these minerals from ionic to covalent. Humans then eat these plants... also known as veggies and fruits and absorb the covalent minerals.

Since humans have been eating plant-based covalent minerals for millions of years, it only makes sense that covalent, plant-based minerals are far suprior to ionic trace minerals derived from sea water.

In this nifty chart, you can see which trace minerals are colloidal & plant-based:

Rankings of Trace Mineral Supplements


P.S. ---
To get the most benefits from your trace mineral drops, look for a liquid colloidal product that's from a natural plant source. Your body can absorb plant-based minerals better than sea-salt based minerals.

Want to try Trace Minerals for yourself? Look for a company with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee than includes opened products. That way, you can use the product and make sure it works for you.
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You can trace every ailment, every sickness and every disease
to a Mineral deficiency.

- Dr. Linus Pauling [A]
Molecular Biologist & Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry

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