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Each cell in the body contains over 70 minerals but our daily foods can't always provide us with these vital nutrients. Luckily, trace mineral drops can help. Taken every day, these ionic or colloidal minerals can boost energy, vitamin utilization, and cell rejuvenation.

However, not all trace mineral supplements are the same. The difference lies in absorption rates.

The ideal traceminerals will come from a plant-source (also know as fulvic acid) rather than from sea salt. This is because the plant derived minerals have amino acids added to them that make them easier for your body to digest.

Use this table as a guide for finding your liquid trace mineral drops:

Minerals Plant Source Colloidal Pure & Unaltered Stars Cost / Serving Read More
74 Check - Plant Derived Minerals Check - Colloidal Minerals Check 5 Star Review - Fulvic Acid Minerals $0.45 See Prices
70+ Check Check No 4 Star Review $0.42 See Prices
72 No No Check 3.5 Star Review $0.15 See Prices
72 No No Check 3 Star Review $0.28 See Prices
72 Check Check No 3 Star Review $0.79 See Prices
72 No No Check 2.5 Star Review $0.19 See Prices
6? ? ? ? 1.5 Star Review $0.14 See Prices
50 No No No 1 Star Review $0.75 See Prices

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In the absence of minerals... vitamins are useless.
- Dr. Charles Northern
Researcher and MD

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Trace mineral drops have been helping people for that past 90 years. They were first discovered in the 1920's. Since that time, numerous liquid trace mineral drops have popped up on the market, but how do you know which ones are the most effective?

The biggest difference between each liquid mineral supplement is the source of these minerals.

NOT ALL MINERALS ARE CREATED EQUAL. About half of the available trace mineral drops come from the sea. Now ask yourself, is it healthy for you to drink ocean water? Did your ancestors drink ocean water?

The trace minerals that come from evaporated sea water are in their inorganic form. Basically, they are just rocks that have dissolved in water. Now, if you were to eat a pebble, do you think your body could digest it and get the minerals out of it? It seems unlikely.

HERE'S A SECRET: A better source for trace mineral drops is a plant-based fulvic acid mineral deposit. Millions of years ago, luscious vegetation died and was buried deep in the earth. Over hundreds of thousands of years, these vibrant plants got turned into a natural humic shale mineral deposit. These humic minerals contain the same amount of trace minerals as sea water BUT they have been converted into an easily absorbable form. When the plants absorbed the minerals from the soil, they added amino acids to the minerals, allowing the human body to easily digest them. Thus, with plant-derived minerals, you get more bang for your buck.

What are trace minerals? Traceminerals are minerals in very tiny amounts. They are derived from either fulvic acid minerals or sea water minerals. The definition of trace minerals: minute portions of a variety of minerals that help the body with cellular functions.

Where do I find the best liquid trace minerals? Use the chart that lists the rankings of Trace Mineral Supplements.


Trace Minerals List

The list of trace minerals is long and contains over 70 colloidal minerals. It includes iron, zinc, and a whole host of other minerals that the human cells use in tiny amounts to carry out vital functions. The trace minerals list is too long to list here but many of the products listed here will contain the list of minerals they contain.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


You can trace every ailment, every sickness and every disease
to a Mineral deficiency.

- Dr. Linus Pauling [A]
Molecular Biologist & Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry

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